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Christine Williams | Museum designers

Model Making

christine-williamsChristine Williams has twenty-five years’ experience in interpreting our landscape, our heritage and the natural world. Her work ranges from three-dimensional maps, replicas and architectural reconstructions to natural history models.

With a degree in three-dimensional design, Christine began her career in exhibitions. She enjoyed the challenge of optimising limited spaces (and budgets) and became fascinated by the effectiveness of bespoke models within tableaux and dioramas.

Eventually specialising in model making and in particular casting fibreglass, Christine has expanded the potential for durable, weatherproof and tactile exhibits which can be scaled to fit any situation: from minute detail to larger-than-life, from static realism to interactive and conceptual, from museum showcase to a ‘hands-on’ experience.

Most of her work has been commissioned for display in museums, heritage centres, wildlife trust visitor centres, zoos and aquariums.