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Dr Ian Friel | Museum designers

Dr Ian Friel MA, PhD, FSA

ian-frielIan Friel is a museum consultant, heritage interpreter, historian and writer with a wide background in museum and heritage work.  Between 1977 and 2007 he worked at the National Maritime Museum (NMM), the Mary Rose Trust, Littlehampton Museum and Chichester District Museum.  He also managed local museums for fifteen years and gained experience in community arts work.

Since going freelance in 2007, Ian has worked on a series of significant interpretation projects, for clients such as Southampton City Council (Sea City Museum and the innovative graffiti display in Tudor House Museum), the NMM, the Mary Rose Trust and Windermere Steamboat Museum.

Ian has an international reputation as a maritime historian, and has published widely on the subject.  However, he is also a very experienced local historian and house history researcher, able to research and interpret documentary, pictorial and material evidence from the Middle Ages to modern times.   He is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London (FSA).

Alongside his historical work, Ian is also a creative writer.  He is co-author, with the composer Andrew Fisher, of the musical Billy Bow, which was professionally performed at Southampton in 2010.