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Philip Clayden | Museum designers

Director / Project Management / Furniture Design and Making

philip-claydenPhilip Clayden works with clients to develop display concepts, furniture and layout designs. He specialises in public spaces, interior and exterior, where fittings need to be both aesthetically attractive and robust. As SolidArt team leader he co-ordinates projects and provides the main point of contact for clients.

Philip trained in furniture design and making before completing degrees in Philosophy and Theology, and Land Management. He has run his own furniture business since 1990, during which time he has also had jobs as a teacher and a property manager. His participation in the world of art and design, experience of education (in primary and secondary schools), and exposure to the needs of the people and properties he has managed, have provided him with the ideal skill-set to lead the SolidArt team.

Having worked with clients to develop designs and layouts for many different kinds of furniture, Philip is acutely sensitive to both the requirements and the possibilities of any space. He believes passionately in the importance of his clients’ vision and in forming a creative relationship to bring it to fruition. His skilled workshop staff produces and fits his work to the highest standards, allowing Philip to design, project-manage and co-ordinate Solidart’s team of experts.