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Richard Jennings | Museum designers

Archaeological Research and Interpretation

richard-jenningsArchaeology expert Richard Jennings draws on his extensive knowledge of current research to provide invaluable insights into collections and heritage sites, and ideas for interpreting them.

A graduate of Oxford and Auckland Universities, Richard is actively involved in cutting edge research and consultancy projects in Spain, Gibraltar, North Africa and Ireland. He also lectures in the Department of Continuing Education at Oxford University and at Oxford Brookes University. Richard worked on the redevelopment of Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum and has lectured on many periods of archaeology from earliest prehistoric times to the modern colonial era. He specialises in landscape archaeology, palaeoclimatic reconstruction, and the analysis of ancient stone tools. His research interests include the Palaeolithic era in Morocco and Libya, the extinction of the Neanderthals in southern Spain, the history of the Ancient Near East, European Prehistory, the archaeology of Early Modern Ireland, and the colonisation of the Pacific. His current work involves investigating the history of archaeological research in Kilkenny city.

Richard’s fresh research perspectives help SolidArt’s interpretation team bring to life archaeological collections and long forgotten archives, placing these in their local, national and international contexts.