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About Us | Museum design

SolidArt provides all you need to transform your museum space and inspire your audience.

SolidArt was created in 2009 as a result of the successful collaboration of ten freelancers on the project to redesign Malmesbury’s Athelstan museum. We realised we had worked so well together and exceeded our client's expectations by such a long way, it made sense to do it again.

Since then, our network has expanded, and our experience grown. We have continued to design for museums, public parks, nature reserves and shared spaces, and have created the ArcHaus modular eco-building.

The Team

SolidArt's museum designers draw on a wide range of specialist skills to create the ideal, tailor-made team for your project. We are professionals with years of experience in our fields.

We want our clients to think of their SolidArt partners as an extension of their own team. Our goal is to understand your audiences needs and realise your vision within a relationship of trust. Above all we aim to make the process enjoyable.

Our core members are featured here and we can bring in other specialists as the brief requires.