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The ArcHaus


SolidArt was engaged to design and construct the furniture for the new BOST HQ in Ayres Street, London SE1, in 2011.

The building’s shape and its underlying structure were developed by Phil Clayden as part of a longer-term project to produce a prefabricated modular building. This was carried out with SEEDA funding, in liaison with the Institute for Sustainable Development, at Oxford Brookes University, and Rodrigues Associates engineers.

BOST’s concept for the building was for it to be highly insulated and made of sustainable materials. SolidArt was brought in by BOST’s contractor to make the building possible within the outline planning approval that had been gained for BOST’s concept drawings.

SolidArt’s input enabled BOST’s building to meet building regulations for use as an office, and the building’s shape and choice of materials has attracted much positive interest.

As part of Green Unit Ltd, SolidArt has continued with the design development, aided by additional funding under the LEADER programme.

The building that has emerged is the Arc-Haus, so called because it uses a horseshoe-like arc to create a practical, attractive and highly insulated space inspired by Passivhaus principles.

See www.arc-haus.co.uk for more details.

SolidArt project team:

Philip Clayden – design and PM

Oxford Institute of Sustainable Development

Rodrigues Associates Consulting Engineers

WhiteAdamski Architects

The ArcHaus eco-building
Interpretation design
Graphic design, illustration, image and text services
Modelmaking, murals, interactives and AV design
Furniture design, fit-out and lighting
Supporting services