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Furniture design, fit-out and lighting

SolidArt’s founder, Philip Clayden began his working life as a furniture maker, and continues to run a studio workshop employing skilled staff to produce his designs. The emphasis is on well designed and well-made display furniture, storage space and seating. SolidArt’s furniture is robust but with an attractive warmth and an appealing aesthetic.

Effective layout of spaces is crucial for furniture to work effectively, and is also a strong component of SolidArt’s capability.

Case Study 1

Public seating and features

01-furniture-thumb 02-furniture-thumb 03-furniture-thumb

Outdoor public seating designed for the Earth Trust and Oxford City Council parks department.

Case Study 2

Museum cabinets




Use of UV blocking, toughened or laminated glass is normal for display cabinets, along with low-heat, high power LED projector fittings. SolidArt uses zero-formaldehyde solid timber and particle boards to construct cabinets, water-based non-gassing paints, and acid free linings.

Case study 3

Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre multi-faith centre



Client’s brief:

This new Oxford hospital has a circular room at its core, designed to be used as a spiritual hub to the building.  However the client had difficulty envisaging what could be done in a circular space to make it practical for use for a range of differing religions.

Our response:

Philip Clayden designed a mobile sculptural circular table with glass top for religious use. Deliberately incorporating no specific symbols, it was designed to embrace a natural experience of devotion common to all religions.  Accompanying the table were sculptural chairs designed to offer orthopaedic support and comfort, and additional storage cupboards.

The feedback:

Much positive feedback has been received from both overseers and users of the space.  Many people appreciate the natural symbolism of the table as an effective interpretation of a peaceful, devotional impulse.

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