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Graphic design, illustration, image and text services

SolidArt’s philosophy is always to communicate in a natural and un-taxing way, so that the transfer of understanding becomes an enjoyable process.

To this end, the colour palette, fonts and text hierarchy used for graphics panels are carefully balanced. Text is written and edited to be short, pithy and engaging. Further information is prepared in leaflet form for those visitors whose interest is stimulated to go deeper.

We use historical illustrations to set the scene in a way words struggle to. Our artists research their subject carefully and depict scenes with accuracy; or where information is limited, use educated interpretations.

We think of a client's web presence as an extension of their physical space, so our designers incorporate the graphics and text styles used there, as well as providing additional information, interactive experiences and e-commerce solutions.

Case Study 1

Malmesbury Abbey Bibles

01-museum-cabinet-thumb 01-museum-cabinet-thumb 01-museum-cabinet-thumb

Client brief:

The C15th illuminated bibles in the care of Malmesbury Abbey were not well displayed, and a rethink was required including the creation of interpretation.

Our response:

SolidArt created highly secure UV blocking glass cabinets with timed push-button lighting in which to house these fragile books. The glass cabinets were mounted on mobile solid oak cabinets supporting interpretation panels which told the story of medieval manuscript production. The interpretation text was illustrated with images of the materials and methods used in the craft, and a touchscreen enabled visitors to zoom in to a selection of illuminations from the bibles, together with more detailed theological information on their meaning.

The feedback:

Abbey staff volunteers observe a high level of interest in the bibles by the Abbey’s many visitors. The aesthetically attractive way in which the bibles are displayed is much commented on, as well as the ability to examine the illuminations using the touch screen. The staff are pleased they can now turn the pages by withdrawing the bibles, which are mounted on runners for ease of access.

The project team:

Philip Clayden – Design and PM

Linda Francis – Graphic Design


Debbie Clayden – Text editing


Nicole Mendelsohn - Image research


James Hawkes - software design

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