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Modelmaking, murals, interactives and AV design

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SolidArt’s work is characterised by the incorporation of artistic expertise to add a unique and attractive dimension. Our model makers, artists and 3D designers combine aesthetic interest with accuracy and robustness to withstand public handling.

Artwork used in this way can communicate a liveliness and relevance to exhibits and their context. Good aesthetics greatly enhance the interpretative narrative of an exhibition.

In addition to art, interactive components add a necessary component to displays. They are essential for engaging children and adults in experiences that bring the story to life through their own participation.

SolidArt’s artists and interactive experts:

Christine Williams – Modelmaker

Helen Shackleton – Artist

Philip Clayden – Furniture, layouts and interactives

Mike Blow - Interactives

James Hawkes - AV and software

The ArcHaus eco-building
Interpretation design
Graphic design, illustration, image and text services
Modelmaking, murals, interactives and AV design
Furniture design, fit-out and lighting
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